Reflection 1

I believe in terms of evoking the correct emotions from the reader of the website mine does have the correct emotions. Everything is spelled out in dig letters and the color scheme suits my personality very well.

The light blue was an addition made later to suit my light, happy, personality. The light blue is different than any other color I could imagine being relevant to this project because none of the other colors seemed right until I slapped this onto my page. The white was another welcome addition especially in the font. It stuck out but it also remained close to the page yet it is not hard to read. The logo pulls it together in way I found incredibly pleasing. Music is a big part of my life. I use it to understand how various people understand the world. The addition of headphones onto a silhouette of my head was important for that reason. The freckles were also a differentiating feature. The entire Home page formulated what was different about me in a way still visually appealing to the viewer of the website.

It was similar to other emotional designs because the emotion it should make the viewer feel is relaxed. That is exactly how I make people feel when I’m around them (or so I’ve been told) the light colors and the casual feel contribute to those feelings in positive ways.

The design changed from my initial sketches in a few ways. The first was the navigation bar. I initially imagined the nav bar being to the far left side of the screen. If I made the nav bar to the left then I could easily put a lot of content on the main page. I changed this idea when I realized I would be able to put a decent amount of content on every page if I kept the bar at the very top. I also changed the color scheme. Initially the colors were very dark as to evoke my physical features and a professional, clean attitude. This was nice but it was not what I wanted out of my website. I wanted it to reflect my attitude and colors I personally believe work well in various designs. I went with lighter colors. I also went through many stages with the artwork in the middle. My first thought was a video because I am known for making decent videos. This, however, did not come to fruition. It looked wonky and wrong so then I opted to a slide show. This too looked put on and awful. It also required work from the viewer. Third and lastly I decided a logo was the only way to do this, so I made myself a logo made to look like me. A beard, messy hair, freckles and headphones.

I would like to add some animations in a few places and a video that begins to autoplay on every page. These videos would explain the content the viewer is witnessing on the page and would help them navigate. This would be a helpful tool and would help demonstrate my video making ability. I would also like to have a collage of pictures of me instead of a slideshow on my “About” page.

Reflection 2

My skills have grown exponentially in these last couple weeks. This is more because I was able to see how everything works together and was able to finally organize everything, placing it all together in a way that makes sense to me. I had to delete a lot of the unnecessary crap that used to confuse my stylesheets and make a lot of the options on my website overrun with material. I did have to reread a bunch of material but it was no big deal. I also looked into the code others were using in their websites and suddenly much of what I was getting wrong made sense to me.

I did not get much time and that is a regret of mine. I usually had work during most of the coding sessions with the class in Bronstein, it was a shame I could not attend any of them. I was also inundated with other projects and I would often get overly frustrated with one bit of HTML or CSS code and I would stop working on the website for the night and substitute it with other projects. Looking back I regret this as the final draft of this took hours and hours and hours, I was not anticipating it. I do think this is a greatly improved version from the last copy though.

I can expertly code the web at a novice level currently and I can correct HTML and CSS issues at the beginner level. Problems are what throws me in a tizzy. I know few solutions other than scrap the whole thing/improve the spacing or do something new entirely. Putting what little I have together on this website took way too much time, patience and mental breakdowns than it needed. I wrote 13 page papers this semester and it was infinitely less stressful than piecing together this time website.

I think in the future the class should be kept moreorless the same. This is about teaching everyone the basics of web design and not -- who is the best at web design. What I mean by this is: the structure of the class as it currently is is Bill shows us all what to do and makes sure we are on the same page. This is not CompSci where we all sink or swim and I believe that is very important for an intro class teaching us how to code. These are also the perfect two assignments to complete because they help us with our resumes as well as teach us HTML and CSS.