Justin C. Russell

AMDG Exterior Contracting

A short "Intro to the Company" ad I cut for AMDG Exterior Contracting. During my time with AMDG Exterior Contracting, I wore every type of hat. I acted as a PR Representative, Marketing Coordinator and Event Coordinator.

Ken Crawford Video

Ken Crawford is a "Juvenile Lifer" meaning he will spend the rest of his life in prison for a crime he committed at the age of 16. This is a short video I cut that breifly tells his story along with that of his adoptive mother.

Viva Video

For my class "Digital Storytelling" I profiled Viva Video, an old fashioned video store in Ardmore, PA. The project not only opened me up to what its like to run a business against the tide of a turning industry, this project exposed me to another art form entirely. Watch the video for more.